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Prayer is at the heart of Christian worship, and has been since humankind first encountered their Creator in a certain garden!

The form of prayer and liturgy used in the major denominations can often be traced back to the early centuries of the Church.

In 1997, a lapsed Anglican, sometime Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian, I began training to become a Local Preacher within the Methodist Church as that was where God had led us as a family. Practical training of course involved service preparation and the choosing of appropriate prayers (not being tied to a specific prayer book or liturgy).

The choice was a simple one - I could use extemporary prayer, turn to collections of prayers, or I could write my own (not feeling confident enough to pray ‘off the cuff’, and with less than fond memories of the ‘traditional’ Presbyterian opening prayer which can happily meander along for fifteen minutes in the hands of a true expert!)

I opted for the second but found that I wasn’t altogether happy with the books I had purchased. There were good prayers within them, but also many that didn’t speak as I do, and maybe didn’t excite or challenge me as they should. So that left me the choice of writing my own, which I started doing some years ago.

Then the idea of sharing these prayers via the internet came to mind!

That's where faithandworship.com started, and now has visitors from every corner of the world, from Newfoundland to Tasmania and all bus stops inbetween!

John Birch


eBook Bible Studies & Prayer Books available from Faith And Worship

The Essential Gospel

Essential Gospel

Bible study on Mark's Gospel

prayer,daily prayers in the celtic tradition

Fragrant Offering

Daily Prayers in the Celtic tradition

a God of compassion

God of Compassion

Prayers of healing and wholeness

prayers for the journey

Prayers for the Journey

Prayers for life!.

worship leader's little helper

Worship Leader's Little Helper

An aid to leaders of worship

ripples of prayer

Ripples of Prayer

200 prayers on many themes

advent Bible Study

Read the News

Advent Bible Study

advent Bible study

Promise of Messiah

Advent Bible Study

Advent Bible Study

Little Town, Big Story

Advent Bible Study

At that Time

At that Time

Advent Bible Study

What a gift

What a Gift

Advent Bible Study

Preparing the way

Preparing the Way

Advent Bible Study

A Way of Living

A Way of Living

Lent Bible Study

The incredible journey

Incredible Journey

Lent Bible Study

Lent Bible Study

People of the Light

Lent Bible Study

Then sings my Soul

Then SIngs my Soul

Lent Bible Study

Pray like this

Pray like this

Bible Study on the Lord's Prayer



Bibnle Study on Jonah, the 'reluctant prophet'