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These Christian prayers, covering a wide variety of themes including Advent, Christmas, old age, peace, contentment, love, joy, vision and others, come from the website or from resources written by John Birch. They are written for sharing, so please feel free to 'click', 'save' and 'share' via Facebook, Twitter or whichever form of social media takes your fancy!

prayer, Advent, Christmas, Virgin Mary, Saviour

We worship the birth of a baby

and in doing so acknowledge God reaching down to touch the earth and bless it once again......

prayer, Advent, Christmas, Mary, William Barclay

May the greatest gift

to be received this Christmastide
not be the one that is really wanted...

prayer, Christmas, Advent, Mary, Jesus, gift

Gracious and loving God

cut through the tinsel and glitter of Christmas.....

prayer, kingdom, Lord, hearts, worship

Your kingdom come, Lord

in our hearts and worship.........

prayer, meme, old age, senior, wisdom, guide

Thank you, Lord

for the wisdom of age, such a valuable guide for those of us walking unfamiliar or hazardous routes.

prayer, encourage, lead, spirit, weary, Lord

Raise us up, Lord

when we are weary, encourage is when we are low; speal to our hearts by your sweet Spirit....

prayer, restore, broken, life

Remind me

when my life galls apart, that you are an expert in the art of restoration....

prayer,vision, celtic, wisdom, spirit

Be thou my vision, Lord,

this day and every day,
the centre of my life...

prayer, meme, peace, breathe, fear, release

Breathe peace

like a gentle breeze
into my life...

prayer, celtic, sleeping, waking

By faith I know

you are there with me
in my sleeping and in my waking....

prayer, brokenness, restoration, freedom

I bring to you my body

muscle and sinew,
artery and vein, bone and joint...

prayer, love, fear, pride, chains

Breathe love into lives ruled by fear,

soften hearts that are heardened by fear,
whisper gently to those bound by chains...