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These Christian prayers, covering a wide variety of themes including God's love, blessings,peace, light and darkness, Celtic and others come from the website or from resources written by John Birch. They are written for sharing, so please feel free to 'click', 'save' and 'share' via Facebook, Twitter or whichever form of social media takes your fancy!

prayer, blood, tragedy, atrocity, easter, triumph

May hatred never triumph

even though we suffer loss
remember Easter morning followed blood shed on a cross.

prayer,meme, easter, peter, denial, palm sunday

Hown many of us

who sang "Ride on! Ride on in majesty!,
with such passion on Palm Sundayy...

prayer,thirsty, living water, Jesus, drink, Lord

Come, all who are thirsty

says Jesus, our Lord
come, all who are weak.....

prayer,neighbor, prodigal, children, embrace, Lord, love

Lord, teach us to be good neighbours,

not just to those who live nearby,
but to everyone who we meet....".

prayer,worship, hymn, psalms, oil, mary, martha, perfume, singing

May our worship be filled

not only with the singing of hymns, psalms and songs,
but with a melody of love....

prayerold age, senior, pain, blessing, boldness, witness

Bless these aching bones

and put them to your service.
Take these feeble words and give to them a boldness.....

prayer, sow, seed, hearts, flower, perfume

Sow the seed

of a joyful song into our hearts as we arise
that will flower and spread its sweet perfume....".

prayer, meme, weary, journey, faith, strength, water, grace, drink

May those grown weary

of their journeying, or struggling on the path,
find refreshment and renewed strangth....

prayer, waters, calm, fear, heart, soul, guide

You have led me beside still waters

You have calmed away my fears.
You have granted me refreshment.....