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These Christian prayers, covering a wide variety of themes including God's love, blessings, faith, neighbours, Celtic, worship, Shepherd and others, come from the website or from resources written by John Birch. They are written for sharing, so please feel free to 'click', 'save' and 'share' via Facebook, Twitter or whichever form of social media takes your fancy!

prayer,cross, easter, Lent

Sovereign Lord

your hands have touched the dry bones of our faith......

prayer, celtic, blessing, grace

God's love be with us

in our gathering, God's love be with us in our journeying...

prayer,blessing, celtic, journey, sorrow

Bless to us, O Lord

this earth on which we walk, each mountain top, sunlit sky.....

prayer,neighbours, neighbors, love, encouragemenht

Thank you for those

who were good neighbours to us when we were in need.........

prayer,justice, injustice, fairness, hungry

Let us never give up praying

for justice, or the oppressed in the world will one day ask us, 'Why?'.

prayer, Christmas, Advent

Lord, we would follow you

to pastures you would lead us to. Lord we would follow you....

prayer,faith, connfession, repentance, neighbour, neighbor

When faith is tested to the limit

and we stumble, forgive us. When feet stray from the path and we wander, forgive us....

prayer,beauty, God, love, knowledge

May the beauty of God

be reflected in your eyes, the love of God be reflected in your hands...

prayer, meme, journey, follow, Spirit, Three in One

May God the Father

prepare your journey,
Jesus the Son guide your footsteps...

prayer, celtic,circle, healing, balm, embrace

Circle us, your children, Lord

hold us in your embrace
and keep us safe from harm....

prayer, brokenness, restoration, freedom

May your peace

like morning mist,
bring a stillness into our lives...

prayer,God of Love, worship

God of love

you who hold this world within your loving hands, be with us in our worship...