Sharing Prayers from (Share the #prayer!)

Prayer is at the heart of Christian worship, and has been since humankind first encountered their Creator in a certain garden!

Prayer has been at the centre of most Christians’ lives through the centuries, both for themselves and others, and the reason it persists is perhaps… because it works!

Prayer does make a difference, to the one praying and to the situation being prayed for.

Prayers also have the capacity to touch hearts when they are shared via our social networks, and that’s why I’ve created this site, so that you can share a prayer with your Facebook and Twitter friends. It is a growing resource of prayers on topics as diverse as hope, love, joy, peace, healing, Celtic spirituality, the Christian journey, discipleship, confession, justice, Easter, Christmas and so on, so please take a moment to scan through the collection!

These prayers come from the website, where you will find loads of other prayers and worship resources free to download and use, as well as Bible studies and other prayer books, and also from the website's Facebook page, all reitten by John Birch. They are written for sharing, so please feel free to 'click', 'save' and 'share' via Facebook, Twitter or whichever form of social media takes your fancy!

God, faith, light, journey, prayer, meme

May we be lamps

lit and sustained by your Spirit's flame, spreading your light, usefully placed to illuminate the way ahead......

prayer, confession, pretend, faith, help, Lord, meme

Lord, help us grow

into the people we were meant to be, not the ones we pretend to be!

prayer, meme, peace, shalom, faith, journey

May these feet tread

the road of peace, these arms share the hand of peace, this voice bring a word of peace.....

prayer, meme, world, creation, creator, trinity, God

In the beginning

you were there, and this world and all within it were part of your creative plan.........

prayer, meme, harvest, seed, sowing, sow, blossom

Bless, Lord, the seed we sow

in garden, words and hearts, that all might grow, blossom and in god time be fruitful.

prayer, meme, footsteps, journey, God, discipleship, faith

Your footsteps

are not always easy to discern, but your word reveals a path for us to follow, and your hand is always there for us to hold.

prayer, meme, autumn, GOd, harvest, seed, God, spring, winter

We see signs of summer's passing

in golden leaves, shortening days, misty mornings, autumn's glow. We sense its passing ....

prayer, meme, celtic, blessing, christ, travelling, journeying

Christ our all in all

bless both morning and evening,
bless our waking and sleeping...

prayer, meme, God, breath, repentance, temple, sacred place

Breath of God

blow through this life,
dispelling the clutter of debris and dust...

prayer, weary, peace, faith, joy, spirit, soul

When my body is weary

grant me peace
when my soul is weary, grant me faith....

prayer, worried, stressed, downcast, hope, peace

Bring peace, Lord

to the worried
bring calm, Lord, to the stressed...

prayer, meme,celtic, blessing, morning, evening

Christ, our all in all

Bless both morning and evening
Bless our waking and sleeping...