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These Christian prayers, covering a wide variety of themes including God's love, blessings,peace, light and darkness, Celtic and others come from the website or from resources written by John Birch. They are written for sharing, so please feel free to 'click', 'save' and 'share' via Facebook, Twitter or whichever form of social media takes your fancy!

prayer,seeds, peace, meme, gardener

Sow seeds of peace

in this world, Lord
and if necessary use me as your gardener.

prayer, celtic, blessing, day, see, hear

Bless this days

all that I might see, all that I might hear,
all that I might smell, all that I might say...

prayer,shine, darkness, grace, meme, world

Shine Lord, into the shadows

of this world, and by the light of your people
dispel the darkness.....

prayer,help, hearts, task, chosen, mission

Help us to say "No!"

to the prompt within
that makes us say, "I cannot do....".

prayer, seed, peace, joy, hope, love, Spirit

Sow a seed of love

into the hearts of those who are lonely,
sow a seed of peace into the hearts....

prayer,prayers, hearts, love, miss, suffering, mourning, loved, offering

For the silent prayers

deep in our hearts that have no words
but simply images held out to you.....

prayer, life, offering, discipleship, prify, love

All we have to offer

is everything we are and can hope to be.
Use that which is good, change that which is not....".

prayer,storms, wind, waves, Jesus, voice

It's good to know

in stormy days the wind and waves obey your word,
and in the midst of our distress your calming voice can still be heard

prayer,peace, joy, love, hope, God

You are the God of peace

when all around is fear.
You are the God of joy, when all around is sadness.....

prayer,forgiveness, confession, healing, embrace

Forgive us, gracious God

when the words we speak
and the life we live
sit uncomfortably together....

prayer,meme, journey, sight, weary, travelling, love, path

God of the journey

give sight to all
who have not found
the path to follow....

prayer, celtic, blessing, embrace, God, grace, peace

Bless our feet

that they might tread the path prepared.
Bless our hands, that they might show.....